La Boîte à Bonbons

La boîte à bonbons is the story of two friends who are passionate about candy and want to share it with the world!

We had known each other for several years and our conversations always revolved around two things: entrepreneurship and... candy.

With our sweet teeth and our passion for jujubes, we wanted to find a reliable place to get more and more delicious candies and especially, fresh ones! Then one summer day, tired of looking for something tasty, we called each other to talk about the concept of monthly subscriptions (which we thought were great) and which didn't exist for candies! That same day, we got together over a beer and came up with a plan and a concept: La boîte à bonbons was born!

In the weeks that followed, we spent our time tasting every piece of candy we could find, without discrimination, let's just say that we went over quite a few!