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Paige is driven by her passion for natural living and better-for-the-body choices. David enjoys life’s greatest pleasures, pushing the boundary of luxury experience. Our commitment is to create products with intent, always authentic to who we are.

We’ve come to learn that as our products evolve, we evolve too. We started ActiveHumans in our home hand making every deodorant, learning about ingredients and how to put them together. By making our own products we discovered something new about ourselves and unlocked a deep passion for creative expression. There’s a balance between honouring a first edition and the never ending pursuit of innovation. We’ve spent the past two years fine tuning our formulas and testing hundreds of unique oil combinations to tell our story through scent.

Each unique scent can be traced back to some of our greatest life adventures, evoking nostalgia with every use. The coordinate represents a memorable location that inspired us to pursue our dreams. Our products have become an extension of our life together and the way we share our memories with the world.